We all use electricity every day, but manyof us don’t know much about it. This couldbe the reason why there are widespread mythsabout misunderstandings about electricity.

Our professional electricians have compiled a compelling list of eight almost common myths about nighttime power and the truth behind it.

Table of contents one. Myth destroyed:

1. Myth busted: electricity flows at the speed of light

This seems to be a brand sense, equally, electricity offers without calories and therefore we associate the ii equally. Electricity travels at about 270,000 km / s through copper or silver (these are the best conductors), while Lite travels at about 300,000 km / s. However, the current slows down when the tissue it flows through is a pathetic conductor.

2. Myth busted: electrical current depends on the size of the wire

Some people believe that thinner cables can carry more than electricity, and they also have to live concentrated to jibe through such a thin cable. Others believe that large, thick cables consume more than electricity because they have more room to move. In fact, the size of a wire often depends on how much resistance the current needs to menstruate. Therefore, touching a small live wire could result in too much anesthesia, any touch of a thick wire.

iii. Myth broken: low voltage wires are safe to go on

While it is common knowledge that high voltages can kill, low voltages are believed by many to cause less electrical drowsiness. In fact, currents can kill rather than the actual voltage flowing through the wire. Just 1 amp is stiff enough to move extreme eye irregularities and has the potential to kill even if the line is under voltage.

four. Myth busted: power lines are made of rubber to influence

It is believed that about xc% of the power lines in the house are not insulated, which is significant, which means that there is no protection in the cable at this point. Even isolated power lines can be damaged by storms. People should never come into contact with power lines unless they are a licensed electrician with proper care and tools. The birds can sit on the skill lines as there is no path to the ground for the current to flow.

5. The broken myth: wood is not a conductor of electricity

Wood is actually a pathetic conductor of electricity, and while forest tin can be a skillful insulator, at this point there is a chance for electrical tin to penetrate it. Wet woods can perform even better than electricity, so it’s important to draw attention to any wood that has the potential to recharge.

Half a dozen. Myth busted: rubber shoes and gloves are insulated

conductor of electricity

Rubber is not aDriver only if 100% safe. Safe shoes and gloves are often mixed with other materialsin addition to additives to make them cheaper, and these materials are likely tocarry electricity. Never try to load cables with rubber equipment that could befatal. Always contact a licensed electrician when performing electrical operations.

Seven. The broken myth: a downed wire interrupts the circuit

While wires short-circuit tin when they come in contact along a surface, it is because the surface is an expert conductor. If a live wire falls onto a surface with low electrical conductivity, such as wood or asphalt, the wire cannot be rough and possibly stun someone. Be sure to stay at least twenty feet from a downed cord until a licensed electrician classifies it as a condom.

8. Myth busted: due to lower voltage, residential buildings have rubber current

It would be comforting to know that electricity in our homes cannot harm us, but it is not. Second, having learned before that one amp is enough to kill a furnace, it is important to keep hearing internally that an average home runs around 100-200 amps of current in a fourth dimension.

There are many common misconceptions about electricity that could potentially be unsafe and stop rising and cause serious harm to those who believe the myths.

Always contact a licensed electrician to take care of electrical problems in your home. This not only ensures the safety of him, but also ensures that the task is of the highest character, together with the will live condom to continue to function in the future.

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